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24 March 2008 - Some news

As you have probably noticed, there weren't so much activity on this page since 3 months. Despite real-life work commitments, the main reason for my lack of flightsim coding activities was a general frustration about the hobbyist creative scene.

The global struggle for money, the shortage of collaborative freeware projects and regular personnal conflicts are annoying me because it's a nothing more than an hobby for all of us! There is a lot of friendly people around, and goodwill is not missing, but the result does not shape up what it could be with an united community.

I spend most of daytime using and coding free software and I'm always amazed of the amount of work that can be accomplished by a community with strong ideals of freedom and sharing. That's why I'm too pissed off to continue to give most of my free time to the community when a minority is decided to kill the hobby spirit.

Legal disclaimer :

Unless stated, all software and documents found on this web site are in the public domain. No restrictions apply on them. They may be freely modified, redistributed or sold. You are encouraged to enhance them and redistribute free of charge for the benefit of the whole flightsim community. The original author cannot be held responsible for any damage or data loss.

Sauf mention contraire l'ensemble des logiciels et documents présents sur cette page sont dans le domaine public. Aucune restriction ne s'y applique et ils peuvent être librement modifiés, redistribués ou vendus. Vous êtes toutefois encouragés à les modifier et les redistribuer gratuitement pour le bénéfice de l'ensemble de la communauté. L'auteur ne peut être tenu responsable des dommages éventuels liés à leur utilisation.

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New: version 0.9 : 23 december 2007 Whisplacer is an XML object placer for FSX. It has thumbnail preview of standard library object, and can directly insert scenery objects in FSX. It can add windsocks, beacon and effects and can edit generic buildings. Support read/write of XML placement files, XML mission files and BGL scenery. More informations and download on the wiki page.

See also Whisplacer user manual, which is currently under construction.


A library to use the SimConnect interface in java programs. It is portable, so you can program add-ons that runs on a Linux machine connected to FSX. Current version (0.8) supports all simconnect features added by FSX SP1 and SP2 (Acceleration). More informations on this page

My other software page

Including all small software that don't deserve their own pages :)

Flight simulator tips

ie, Adapting FSX aircrafts to acceleration carriers, Displaying airport names

Old repaints

I don't really do any repaints anymore because of lack of time and talent.

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