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Whisplacer user manual

Installation and requirements

Basic software requirements

Whisplacer needs only one software to run : a Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which can be downloaded for free at http://www.sun.com/getjava . Be sure to have at least a JRE 5.0 (older versions are not supported) All systems having a JRE 5.0 can theorically run whisplacer, like WinXP, Vista or Linux. The software is regularly tested on Win XP (32 bits) and Linux environments. An FSX installation is not a no-go requirement, but it is greatly recommended to make use of most whisplacer features. You can use a remote installation of FSX located on another computer with shared disks (see the Configuration and tips? chapter). No FSX Service Packs are needed for Whisplacer, but SP1 is recommended, at least for your flying experience. The FSX Acceleration Pack is not required, but will be recognized if installed along with FSX.

Starting from Whisplacer 0.9, a small part of the software uses the OpenGL rendering system. Most graphics card newer than 1996 supports this rendering pipeline, and it could be disabled on demand (see the Configuration chapter)


Starting from 0.8, Whisplacer comes in two distincts archives packages : the program archive (eg Whisplacer-0.9) and the thumbnails package (Whisplacer-thumbnails-231207.zip). The two packages are evolving separately, with the program being updated more often. The thumbnails package name is timestamped with the day of its creation. Only the program package is mandatory, but the thumbnails package is a great feature of Whisplacer since it contains a visual survey of 3000+ stock objects that can be placed with the editor ! You can skip the thumbnails package if you have a low-speed internet connection because it's rather large (70+ mb).

Whisplacer does not come with an automatic installer program, since no modifications on system files are needed. All you need to do is to extract the program archive contents to a directory of your choice (eg C:\FS-TOOLS\Scenery\Whisplacer) and remember it. You can make a desktop shortcut if you want. Decompress the thumbnails archive where you installed the program, be sure to have to a directory structure looking like this :

Ie, you should have subdirectory “thumbnails” in Whisplacer root installation directory and this thumbnails folder contains folders for each objects category, each of them containing image files. Make sure the directory “lib” is present and contains a dozen of .jar and .dll files. They are needed and whisplacer won't work without them.

First run

On the first run after installation, some wizards may appears to finalize the installation so that it fits to your machine setup. The most important of them is the making of the library database. This steps will recognize default objects library currently present in your FS setup (which may vary if you have installed some extension packs, like the Acceleration pack) This step is mostly automatic.

A word about licensing and intellectual property

Whisplacer is opensource and licensed into the public domain, which means that nobody, including the author can claim intellectual property or royalties on it. As a consequence, everyone can distribute the software on its own site, modify the software, republish it, etc. Unlike other nifty objects placers, there are no secrets inside Whisplacer since you can freely access and modify the source code and share programming tips or informations with anyone including the author.

Also no restrictions apply on the files you created with Whisplacer, but be sure to respect ongoing copyrights if you modified existing sceneries or libraries.

However, we strongly advocate you to distribute your scenery free of charge, even if you feel it could be commercial product. During the last few years, a payware industry has established itself on the roots of what used to be a hobby for most of us. Bear in mind that nearly all of the payware developpers began with hobbyist design with public tools and SDK but actually very few of them are real salaried employee. The payware industry had only enriched the commercial and marketing branch and store owners, and will utimately kill the hobby spirit, with its ideals of mutual aid and fun.