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Whisplacer user manual


Let's begin with a short sentence : Whisplacer is an object placer for FSX.

The expression “Object placer” is not something new in Flight Simulator scenery design, and if you a little experience with previous FS versions you may have already heard it. Therefore, it is related to a whole range of design softwares like Rwy12, FSSE, OBPlacer XML, OPT, EZ-Scenery, etc. “For FSX” means that Whisplacer was intended for use only with Flight Simulator X. Previous flight sim versions are not supported and you should probably not waste your time tweaking Whisplacer to export FS9-compatible sceneries. Future versions are unlikely to be supported out of the box, but Whisplacer development is directed toward future and not past versions. As an object placer, Whisplacer is not intended to be a complete scenery design suite, but it is rather a scenery enhancer, for filling quick personnal needs like “I want to have some more buildings on that airports”, or “more static vehicles on this apron”. Of course, it could be used for bigger scenery projects or more complex tasks in conjunction with other tools.

What are Whisplacer's features ?

Whisplacer allows you to place 3D objects in Flight Simulator sceneries, edit existing sceneries, limited editing of other objects (like windsocks or generic buildings). It has a Live Preview? feature which allows you to visualize the placement of objects in a running instance of Flight Simulator while modifying your scenery in Whisplacer. It reads basic scenery libraries provided with default FS installations, which allows you to place more than 3000 stock objects with visual informations, and can import data from other libraries?.

What Whisplacer does NOT do

Whisplacer is not an aiport editor, like AFCAD, so it cannot edit runways, taxiways, parking spots or navigation aids. A lot of work has been made by two independent projects to provide great softwares for editing airports :

Whisplacer cannot edit terrain informations. These terrain informations, like roads, water polygons, city landclass polygons and much more are of a greater scale that simple object placement. There are two very useful tools in this area :

Obviously, as a scenery design tool, whisplacer could not be used for aircraft design, flight dynamics tweaking or other uses. Also scenery design aspects covered by Whisplacer are static only. Dynamic scenery elements, like moving vehicles, AI (artificial intelligence) aircrafts or ships are not adressed by Whisplacer.