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I usually program in Java language, sometimes in C# but I'm definitively not a Microsoft-addict geek... See some pieces of code related to FSX :

AICarriers: This is a small software that allows you to place and control single ships or co mplete naval fleets in Flight Simulator X. Doesn't need complex edit of traffic files or mission files. Just add carriers when you are in free flight, anywhere you want. Requires Java JRE 1.5 or upper (get it free at http://www.java.com/getjava) and FSX SP1 (RTM version is not supported).FSX SP2. Works with acceleration carriers and supports full carrier ops when available. Vista have not been tested. Download (r2) (4 november 2007).

Collada2X : A tool to export collada and KMZ files created by Google Sketchup 6 to FSX Models. Download(Monday 24 September)

FSX Log book editor is a graphical editor for FSX log books. It can read your logbook and edit all entries in it (including flight times and landing airports). You can also add or remove existing entries and import the contents of your FS9 Logbook.

FSX Log book editor est un éditeur graphique de carnet de vol pour FSX. Il peut lire et modifier le carnet de vol sauvegardé par FSX (temps de vols, aéroports, etc). Il peut aussi ajouter ou modifier des entrées ainsi qu'importer le contenu de votre carnet de vol FS9. Download/Telecharger version 0.3, 2 February 2007. A more detailed description is here

AI Boat Traffic Compiler : A tool to create and compiles AI boats schedules in FSX. More informations on this page.

Un outil pour compiler/décompiler les plans du traffic maritime de FSX. Plus d'informations sur cette page (en anglais). (4-Dec-06)

spb2xml : Decompiler for SimProp Binary (SPB) binary files to XML. Release 1.2 (21 May 2007) fixes two bugs concerning property namepsaces and includes source code. Download (21 May 2007)

rwd2xml : Decompiles RWD files and extract images. Download (20 January 2007, fixed missing libraries bug)

Autothumbnail : Automatically generates thumbnail files for the current aircraft (13/02/2007: bugfix release). Download (13 February 2007)

Flightplan BGL converter : a tool to convert FS9 Traffic BGL files to FSX format. Useful to avoid format mixing that are often sources of conflicts.

See also my other software: whisplacer, jsimconnect