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Whisplacer - an object placer with live preview features

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Whisplacer is originally a tool I developped to show how the simconnect API can be used to insert live scenery objects in FSX. I decided to make it a full-featured object placer because I felt globally disatisfied with SDK's object placement tool and I wanted a tool that can be used remotely on a second computer.

Whisplacer is an XML object placer with the following features:

You must have java JRE 5.0 installed. get it free at http://java.sun.com

Download / History

Since 0.8, Whisplacer comes in two packages, a thumbnails package containing images of library objects included in FSX libraries and a program package.

Thumbnails package :

Last thumbnail package : 23 December 2007 (Download). Includes images from FSX Acceleration XPack objects and generic buildings textures.

Previous releases:

Program package :

New: version 0.9 : 23 december 2007

Note: Old versions are not downloadable

Importing libraries

See the separated documentation here. Also in available as PDF. Here are some extra thumbnails for popular third-party libraries :


Thumbnail preview on map introduced in 0.3.

The mouse operation is:

To add new objects, you must create a new document and select one of the add button in the toolbar. press esc or select the "mouse" button to revert back to editing mode.

Using the live preview:

NB: although you could add windsock, beacons and effects in editor, only library objects can be seen in live preview You must export the contents of the library to SimObjects container. Select the Live Preview->Library maintenance menu item. Select the root of FSX libraries and changethe export mode to "Automatic" then apply changes. Restart FS.

Exporting is only needed the first time you run whisplacer or when you import libraries. At any time you can check the status of library exports by doing a refresh

When connected, the keyboard shortcut "o" will insert an object at the user position in flight simulator.


This software and its source code are in the public domain. Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this program for any purpose is hereby granted, without any conditions or restrictions. This software is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.